Sunday, April 10, 2011

Facts About Lady GaGerr MoMons

Lady gaga famous as a singer who can score hits through the songs, besides thecostume at perform is also concerns. As reported by Mademan, the following interesting facts about the singer of 'Alejandro' it is possible that you did not know:

1. Lady Gaga taught herself how to play the piano just by hearing the strains of the musicwhen she was was four years old. She is a trained classical pianist.

2. Gaga had studied at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. She was oneof twenty people who get the initial recognition of the school.

3.Joanne Stefani Angelina Germanotta Lady Gaga is the name of birth. She was got the name 'Lady Gaga' from the manager, who was taken from Queen's song titled 'RadioGa Ga'.

4. Lady Lady Gaga had came in reality show 'MTV's Boiling Point in 2005 as Stefani. She appeared with normal clothes and brown hair. However Lady Gaga did not get U.S. $ 100 for did not able to hold her anger.

5.Lady Gaga also came on 'The Hills' episode of 2008. Before the show, his clothing wasdamaged but the zipper repaired by Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad ..

6. In 2006 Lady Lady Gaga hold a concert in New York City club with Stefani GermanottaBand, or SGBand. In concert, Lady Gaga just wear regular shirts and pants, inversely proportional to this time appearance.

7. Lady Gaga had one school with Nicky and Paris Hilton at a private school in Manhattan,the United States. 

8. At the beginning her career, Lady Gaga was hired by a record label to write songs forother artists such as Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, Fergie and New Kids On TheBlock. She now writing his own music, and also produced many songs themselves.

9. Lady Gaga had painted black to blonde hair because many people who can notdifferentiate with Amy Winehouse. She also often appears wearing a wig with a variety of colors.

10. according to an interview with 'Rolling Stone,' Lady Gaga always scantily clad andslightly odd for a nearly blind grandmother can see she was on TV. "I will continue to did not wear pants, even on television, so my grandmother could see me."

11. Lady Gaga bersekolah di sekolah swsta Katolik 'Convent of the Sacred Heart', trltak d'kwsan elit Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York

12. Lady gaga like one of Taylor Swift's song 'You Belong With Me'.. 

13. The first daughter of Joseph Germanotta (an American-Italian person) and Cynthia Bisset

14. She wrote her first piano ballad when she was 13.

15. When Gaga was 17, she came in to New York's University Tisch School of Arts & lived in  NYU Street 11.L hostel

16. At the second years Gaga resign from her college and trying to focus for her music career

17. Gaga's favorite colour is Lavender (just like ME)

18. She has a natural brown hair

19. And a natural greenish eyes

20. Lady Gaga loves to COOK (just like ME)

21. Lady Gaga LOVES italian food especially pastas (just like ME)

22. Her favorite song from "The Fame" is Paparazzi. and from "The Fame Monster" is Speechless (just like ME)

23. Lady Gaga NEVER lipsync when she was singing (whoa, two thumbs UP !!)

24. She grew up in Manhattan (LoL a NewYorker)

25. Lady Gaga is a Catholic ! So don't say her don't have any religion

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